Scott Fatrak
Jacob is fantastic. He runs a solid bottle business out of shipping containers in a yard. Don't be put off by the no frills showroom. He is tops.
Farrah B.
I came here a month or so ago when I needed some empty bottles for coquito. I called to confirm the location and headed over to the "store". It's actually inside of the gate where a few busses apart in the left corner inside the red shipping crates stacked a top each other. That's where it's located! It's a little unconventional but you will get excellent service and quality bottles. There is an assortment of types as well as shrink wrap for the tops. The owner is very professional and friendly, he even will helped me to my vehicle. The prices are competitive and you can come get bottles on a Sunday! Thanks Jacob!
Claudette Mincey
A hidden gem. They are very friendly and informative. I’ll definitely be back!
Michael Goring
Excellent customer service. Call before going though, they're not always open at the times it has here
sara aboud
very friendly and informative, would definitely recommend